A seasonal ode [horrendously off topic]

Just once or twice within a year
Our thoughts must turn from DEVONThink
To other matters near and dear
(Distractedly…on kitchen “sync”)

And yet there’s still time to reflect
On what the year has brought us to—
The members of this band select
The DT forum crowd…yes, you!

There are some here who love to code
With ample const and if and let
Who parenthetically load
The end result we all must vet

For those who miss the user guide
We try to help with tactful wink
(Avoiding any comment snide)
And tell them just to check this link

It would be wrong to let this be
Without a formal mention now perforce
Of dedication of the three
Alan, Chris and Jim—of course

We owe them all a great big debt
(They often seem to forego sleep)
Because they’re there when we forget
Where something lies in menu deep

And so my wish is to you all
May this season pass in lights
Whatever else you may befall
Do please avoid the zero bites [sic.]!



(And by addendum 'cos I’m shamed
Here’s Eric, Heike, Bonne & John
Not listed earlier in those named
While my dunce’s cap I don.)


To be honest, this “ripio” (a Spanish word to indicate a horrible poem, don’t know if there is equivalent in English) is waaaaaaay better than those published in Asimov’s and Analog SFF magazines I use to read. :innocent:


Hahaha! :heart: :smiley:
Brilliantly done.

(One small note: I don’t see Eric (@eboehnisch) mentioned. :wink: And for those who may not know, there are a few less visible but still incredibly critical players on our team: our Sales expert Heike (@hvolkmann), our MCP :stuck_out_tongue: Bonne, and the financial scribe, John :slight_smile: )


Corrected in horrified shame. :wink:


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I am clipping a PDF of this thread for posterity’s sake, auld lang syne and such :slight_smile:

Wonderfully said and a nice bright spot in the day!

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I can do nothing but chime in with the same words: Wonderfully said. You made my day. Thank you!

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Best Season’s wishes to all the deep Devonian thinkers. I ride your coattails every day.


DEVONThink makes my day every day: thanks to everyone for the kind comments.



Dear Stephen, I wish I could do that!
I can do a code (perhaps I’m not to be beat)!
But the way you rhyme I draw my hat,
it’s you my friend who’s delivered us the feat!


Ah—but in my native tongue…don’t ask me to do it in German! :roll_eyes:


And please don’t ask me to do a German one :rofl:

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This has put a huge smile on my face! Bravo.

Some of us newbies also come
directed by our need
to get some guidance here
from wisdom we can read

where brighter minds will share and give
the insights they can see
Though we’re not coding, not so smart
we still enjoy the company


Welcome @thom_s

Well played and a wonderful introduction! :heart: :slight_smile:

That would be “doggerel”. But we cannot possibly describe the elegant verse of @Stephen_C in that way!

Of course not!!!

Was a convoluted way to say, being amateur verses, are way better than professional ones supposedly written by writers.

I was amused by @rfog’s original comment and not in the slightest bit offended. It was what we might call in English a “ditty” but certainly “doggerel” fits the bill too. :grinning:

Thanks to both of you for the kind comments.