Keep sorter visible on desktop DEVONthink 3

I am trialling DEVONthink 3. I am on macOS Catalina 10.15.2
Is it possible to keep the tray/sorter on the desktop when the app is not open…just like it did in DEVONthink Pro Office?
I do not keep DEVONthink open every day but without the tray attached to the side of my screen, I am unable to drag files and urls into the tray. Or quickly make a note. I have searched forums and faq’s but cannot find the solution.
I’d be very grateful for feedback! Even if it is a ‘wait till the next version’ as that would alleviate my pain of constantly searching for a solution!

The short answer is “no”. There have been many discussions about this and, as an example, you may find this thread helpful.


Thanks Stephen. I did see that discussion but as that was back in May, I was hoping there may have been an update to it.
It just seems illogical to have removed what was a huge time saver and so convenient. I get that the structure has changed but you’d think that it still could have been incorporated.

We haven’t removed anything. The ability to add files via the Sorter is still intact (and made more powerful with search and access to the Favorites). You just need DEVONthink open at the time same time now.

You @WIE could put the DT3 Inbox folder in the sidebar of the Finder. There you can store your files etc.
Only when you open DT3 will they be moved to the Inbox folder of DT3.