Keeping Evernote in Sync

Now that I’ve imported my Evernote files, I’m not sure how to keep the database in sync with Evernote. It appears if I DT attempts to redownload all of the Evernote files, as opposed to only the new files (similar to Email archiving).

Has anyone come across a script or strategy for this?



The command File > Import > Notes from Evernote… should import new notes and skip already imported ones (see Windows > Log panel afterwards).

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I’m not sure it is working properly. I am getting duplicates.


Are you importing into the same database?

Yes, I am importing into my “Evernote” database, which holds my Evernote documents/files.

Which version of Evernote do you use? And the one from the App Store or the free-world version?

I’m on Evernote 6.10, and its the free-world flavor :slight_smile:

Could you please import the same notebook twice and post a screenshot of the Windows > Log panel? Thanks!

2.9.7 seems to have fixed things for me.


I’ve been searching for an answer to my question and this thread looks close. I’ll jump in here but tell me if I should go elsewhere.

I’ve been thinking about moving to Devonthink, but I have a problem. Personally, I am all Mac OS and iOS, however I use a PC (Windows 10) at my office. I have a lot of information in Evernote, and I’m wondering if that’s a possible solution for keeping everything up to date. Will a change made in Evernote propagate to Devonthink and vice versa? Or is this even an option? Is there a better way (e.g. sync via Dropbox)?

I’m a complete beginner to Devonthink. I watched Don McAllister’s 2 screencasts and I’m intrigued. However, I don’t even want to test it until I’m sure it can do what I need.

Thanks for your help.


No, this is definitely not possible.

Many Users use Dropbox for cross-platform purposes, then index folders in Dropbox into their DEVONthink databases. You’ll want to do a bit of Forum searching about indexing, paying close attention to posts by Greg_Jones, as he uses indexing almost exclusively.

I am still getting duplicates when I sync an evernote notebook into same DT database. I have DT 2.9.10 and Evernote 6.10.

The current version of DEVONthink is 2.9.11. Please update your software. Thanks!

Hi everyone,

I’m just taking my first steps into switching to Devonthink Pro Office 2.9.16 from Evernote. I will probably keep using Evernote as well until the subscription expires next year.

The Import Notes from Evernote function was no problem for my ~3000 notes. However, I later repeated the function and the majority of my Evernote notes were created as duplicates in Devonthink.

I have one database and I am using the freely downloadable version of Evernote on this Mac. One caveat is that at one point I have probably installed (and removed) the Mac App Store version of Evernote as it is in my purchases history.

I still was hoping that the import from Evernote would work as advertised, i.e. not create duplicates. I would appreciate any ideas; I could perhaps uninstall Evernote completely.

Anyway, thanks and hello.

I’m having the same issue with import from Evernote. The initial import works fine, but then when I add a note to Evernote, and do an import in DTPO, it imports everything, not just the new note, resulting in duplicates. I have the current version of DTPO, and Evernote-sourced from their site, not from the App Store.

The operation with Evernote is an import, not a synchronization, so subsequent imports yield duplicates. You can always curate and export new Notes directly from Evernote to the Global Inbox.

Hmm. I’m confused, then, as this conflicts with the info that was posted above by cgrunenberg regarding subsequent imports of only new notes.

The import process has been revised lately as most users import their notes only once.

Thanks for the clarification, that explains what I’m experiencing. Will revise my strategy.

One workaround might be to create a new notebook and to move the notes to this notebook after importing them.