Keyboard shortcuts again

Hi, a minor issue in the scheme of things, but…

I’ve just had to completely reinstall DT3 and came across an old (minor) bug which hasn’t yet been fixed – I’ve been using a workaround so hadn’t noticed that it had fallen through the gaps, so I thought I’d report it so it can be fixed at some point.

During the beta we had long discussions about how DT shouldn’t override basic Mac text-editing functions – the emacs-style Control-letter combinations which have been build into every Mac for at least a decade and probably a lot longer.

IIRC Most of them were fixed quickly in subsequent betas, but I overrode them in System Preferences while I was waiting. I’ve just reinstalled DT3 and noticed that either some were missed in the first correction, or they’ve crept back in again at some point.

The two most obvious are: Control-P (should be move up one line) and Control-T (transpose characters), which are needed frequently…

Of course I can override them again (by moving the broken shortcuts to C-Shift-P and C-Shift-T respectively which are both otherwise unused), but as we discussed in the previous thread, as a matter of principle a text based app like DT shouldn’t be messing with standard features, so please can this be fixed in a future release?

As I said, minor, but still worth getting right, I think.

Many thanks!

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