Larger than life page size after OCR - Solutions for damage done?

It’s a known issue that OCR can currently lead to excessively large page sizes (see here for example). For me this affects a large number of documents already scanned; whilst the workarounds may be useful in that they stop more such documents being produced, they don’t deal with the question of those documents already affected.

As I understand it, there is no major disadvantage to the large page size. Most PDF viewers will just adjust to it, and if (heaven forbid) a document needed to be printed, the “fit to page” function would do the trick. Actually, the only piece of software I have which noticeably struggles is actually DT!* The larger pages appear as enormous, and often off-centre previews in the preview window; I have to adjust the viewing size for any such document (each and every time) to be able to do anything useful with it.

Permanently resizing the pages isn’t as simple as I had assumed it would be; in fact, the only method I have come up with is to print the document to PDF with the “fit to page” function active. The disadvantage of this method is that any landscape oriented pages in the document become portrait orientated. None of my PDF programmes (anybody… anybody tell me of one that is any good other than Acrobat) can resize pages and then save the document.

Has anybody come across more palatable solutions? Is DEVONtech maybe even going to provide a solution for already created documents? As I see it, it currently isn’t even possible to find all affected documents (e.g. using a smart group) - is that right?

* edited to add: with “automatically resize” in preferences/media activated, this doesn’t happen; but all documents are then shown filling the width of the preview, which is not my preferred view (I see too little to the height of the page that way, and end up having to resize anyway)

We don’t currently have an automated way to revert the page size back to the correct size, it is something that we are currently working on.

The pixel size of the document is correct, however the dpi is lower than it should be, hence the large document dimensions. A manual way to revert a document to the correct size is to open it in Preview, from the menu select File->Print, and then save as PDF. This will set the dimensions to the selected paper size.

That’s the problem with the File>Print method, so it too requires relevant manual intervention. If there is likely to be an automated way to put things back as they should be (I’m happy to hear you are looking into that), I’ll leave my documents alone (they are usable as they are, so it’s not a dramatic issue) and wait for what comes :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile: