LaunchBar search action for DEVONthink: Updates

Hi all. Last year I shared a LaunchBar action that let you search DEVONthink documents/groups and now it has some updates.

The most common case I would use this action is to search for some groups/documents I am actively accessing at the moment (files/groups for some ongoing projects) and open them quickly. So I think it would be useful I make the selected search results accessible directly from the LaunchBar itself.

You can do that by press ⌘ + ⌥ + ↵ on the search result. This will create a file in ~/Documents/DEVONthink so that this item can be found by LaunchBar directly. This path can be changed by file. Make sure the path is in your LaunchBar’s index list.

Another update is that the maximum result number is limited to 80 for performance concern. The LaunchBar action is just for convenience and heavy search operations should be done in the DEVONthink app. Although this limit can be set as you will too.