Launchbar action to search through DEVONthink

It’s a Launchbar action that let you search through the databases and browser the groups right in the Launchbar.

There are some other similar Launchbar tools[1][2], but they either search too slowly or have some bugs, so I made my own.

The idea is, you should be able to use this action as a “Launcher”, type a few words and quickly open the desired result. Thus, it will only search in names. It will sort the result based on your choice. Things you choose most frequently are on the top so you can access them quickly.

You can download it here

[1] Search in DTP using LaunchBar
[2] shartf/launchbar-DevonThink


Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.


Very very nice - this may be a reason to switch from Alfred to Launchbar

Thank you

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Great! Thanks for sharing.

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Well, it refers to be based on an Alfred workflow:

So you might give the original a try with Alfred. :wink:

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This looks great, but I am getting a “script is invalid” error when trying to run the action. Any thoughts? :thinking:

What’s your macOS version?

One possibility is that you do not have python3 installed on your Mac.

This script is ran with /usr/bin/python3. But the default install on 10.14 or earlier is python2.

You’re right, I’m on 10.14. Edited the .py files to run on /usr/local/bin/python3 and now it works like a charm. :slight_smile:

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I discovered this Action, which works great. Thanks for making it available!
My only problem is with the shortcut: pressing ⌘ + ⌥ + ↵ on an item reveals it in a Finder window and hides all the other applications. I cannot figure out which other keyboard shortcut would override the Action’s shortcut. Any help / suggestions?