Leopard version, where art thou?

I read on the forum (Bill I think) that DT didn’t get the final Leopard version so DT isn’t Leopard ready yet. I’m not a developer so I confess I don’t understand, but every program that I heavily rely on had a leopard-ready version before Leopard came out EXCEPT for DT.

Be that as it may, how much longer do we need to wait for a Leopard ready DTP?

Well, let’s see. There’s Photoshop, Filemaker and scads of others. Even Leopard itself just got a quick update to fix some problems.

But an update for the DT applications is in the works and will be released as soon as possible. Issues addressed include rich text editing/saving, and mail archiving in DT Pro Office.

Christian has noted the rich text problem in the DT/DN Troubleshooting section in the forum and advised sticking to PDF, plain text, HTML, WebArchive and bookmark captures for the moment, until the update is available.

I didn’t say every application you heavily rely on, Bill 8) just the stuff I use.

thanks for the update. I’m anxious to update to Leopard, but rely too heavily on DT.

Could you inform us the rough release date of DT for Leopard?
I have migrated to Leopard successfully except DT.

Hopefully next week as 10.5 is definitely kind of a beta and fixing OS bugs is not always easy/possible :open_mouth:

I’m happy just as long as it’s possible to fix. Some of the little bugs I’ve seen have kinda creeped me out. I’ve been backing up meticulously, though.

It’s been a while since I’ve perused the forums…medical school and a new baby keeping me busy and all. I didn’t find anything immediately about the “mystical” 2.0 :unamused: Does the upcoming Leopard compatible release

signal an impending 2.0? :smiley:

Let us hope so!

They have made it pretty clear that DT 2.0 will be relying on some Leopard-specific technology.

Can anyone from DT tell me if the next to be version will allow multiple open dbases? If the answer is no I might move and buy another app to play along with DTP.

– MJ

The developers have indicated that this is definitely part of DT 2

Hey Christian! Long time. Just wondering if the beta group still exists. If so, I’d like to remain in it. I plan to update DevonSync & ThinkArch this week if possible.

And BTW, I agree OS 10.5 is a beta! So many issues and broken bits and iCal 3 is a complete disaster.


I guess that every developer agrees :wink:

Not to hijack this thread, but what’s the problem with iCal 3? I don’t find it that bad, although I know some people miss the shelf. Is that it or is a coding thing?

I use Quicksilver to enter in events in iCal (and use iGTD for tasks). To edit an event in iCal, I click it once, tab or use the mouse to select what I’m editing (e.g., time), and hit ESC to finish. I find it easier than the old version of iCal, actually! :slight_smile:

Here is a developer who thinks the Leopard isn’t beta at all.
Plus, I don’t see any issue with iCal 3.

Is there a beta group for testing DTP2? I’d definitely want in.

There’s no testing going on right now.

Much to my profound dismay :slight_smile:

That doesn’t mean good things aren’t happening. Christian’s just not ready for external beta testers right now. :slight_smile:

Logically, Bill, it also doesn’t mean good things are happening. More details would be welcome and help to alleviate creeping misgivings and a growing urge to jump ship.

We’ve been waiting a long time for the much-promised version 2: all one has to do is roll back through the months (dare I say, years) of posts to see how dispiritingly long. So what about a little hard information for the customers?

I agree it would be nice to see a nice list of planned features in one location. You don’t have to reveal all the magic forthcoming, but at least one place to collect all the things you have already mentioned in various times and places on the forum.