Licensing changed?


I have applied the Update, and moved from DT Pro 3.6.0 to DT Pro 3.6.1. (OS is still Catalina)
Now, after a few day’s I have seen/recognized, that I was running without license…22 days left.

The Website was showing, that the License was bound to the Serialnumber of the MBP (1 of 2 Seats used).
I was thinking, perhaps you have to re-apply the license…
Now DT Pro 3.6.1 is licensed again, but I’m using 2 of 2 Seats.

On the License-Website I can see now:

  • the first Seat is bound to the Serialnumber of the MBP (without User; last used: 8. December))
  • the Second Seat is bound to the Hostname of the MBP (ugly, it’s bound to the FQDN-Part of the Router: ; with User “Stefan” ; last used: 16. December).

License bound to the SerialNumber is ok (perhaps +User), but why now (additional ?) to the Hostname+User?

Will I run into trouble, if I upgrade the OS to BigSure over Christmas, ending with no License ?

Any hint would be helpfull


See e.g. Forced unwanted ad

@cgrunenberg I’m not sure this is the same problem; the OP is reporting a new seat occupied after re-entering their license details in DEVONthink; that is something others have not described. Or am I barking up the wrong tree?

@Stefan_E are you going for a clean install of Big Sur or are you updating your current installation? My assumption would be that if you are doing the latter your license will continue working without ado (and that once you have figured out which seat your installation is using you could unregister the other seat from the website).

I think if I were performing a clean install in your situation, I would just go ahead and do so. I would assume that one of the two seats would continue working, i.e. remain associated with the MacBook. If that weren’t the case, and assuming that the first seat has been registered to your MacBook for a number of months, I think you should be able to simply unregister that first seat from the website, and re-register on the free seat. I don’t think you’d be able to do the same with the second seat because there is a limit to how often devices associated with a seat can be changed.

It’s most likely the same issue as the latest release uses a different way to identify seats (only if not registered yet).

Thanks for the explanation :slight_smile: so the OP should be ok installing Big Sur for Christmas, regardless of whether updating or doing a clean install? Assuming their kids and spouse aren’t bothered, that is :crazy_face:

Updating to Big Sur shouldn’t be an issue. In the worst case seats can be unregistered also after logging into your account on our website.

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@Blanc: I will try “only” to update. It’s a MBP 2019, so I transferred the necessary data last year from the old to the new one. After 5 years, it’s interesting how much “old stuff” you do not need anymore.
This year (and the next 3) I will only update to the new OS.
Since we will visit Grandma, the Kids will not disturb/notice me, at that time I can switch to “invisible mode” :sunglasses:

@cgrunenberg: ok, i was searching with the wrong keyword(s) :pleading_face:
I was surprised, that the license moved from the Serialnumber to the hostname. But, since this seems to be normal, this is fine for me.

Thanks for the info


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The host name isn’t relevant internally, it’s only shown in your account to easily identify computers.