Limited access from a PC?


Would it be possible to synchronize a Devonthink Standard Edition database (either via iCloud or DropBox), so that I can simply consult its content online, from a PC?
(in this case only TXT or RTF files).
Thanks in advance.

PS: Devonthink Server is not a solution for me. My use is strictly private.

Only by storing your files in a cloud folder (e.g. Dropbox) and indexing these files instead of importing them.

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Hi Christain.
Thank you for your fast response.
I had thought about this solution but it doesn’t really suit me because if I understand correctly, it forces me to create the files outside DVT (for example with Textedit) which I would like to avoid.

Creating new items in indexed groups automatically creates the indexed files, therefore you’re still able to create new documents in DEVONthink.

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Super ! I don’t know that.
Thanks, I’ll try it …

that works well.
Thanks again