Problem with the name of a saved file


I have an indexed group in one of my databases.
All the files are stored on iCloud
(see my post Limited access from a PC?)

I created a new RTF file in DVT, from scratch.
I named it " ?test"
and DVT saved it as " -test.rtf " :face_with_spiral_eyes:
Any explication about that ?

Thanks in advance

I assume you are using the abbreviation DVT for DEVONthink?

The phenomenon you are describing is caused by DEVONthink maximising the compatibility of the file name with the file system. See

  • this thread for a discussion on the topic.
  • this thread for a (more up-to-date) possible solution (be aware of the possible sequelae, however - basically: don’t do it).
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Not cool. ? as !, ;, #, /, :, * and + are “special characters” for either the shell or the file/operating system. Just don’t use them in file names.


Thanks for your fast response. I’ll read the threads…

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and also thanks for the precisions

We encourage people generally to use only hyphens, underscores, dots, and spaces in filenames.