Linking documents for contextual reasons


I was wondering if anybody has a good suggestion how to realize the following.

I have different invoices that are grouped by month within an invoice folder and I have different correspondences that are grouped into customer folders.

Now I want to make an invoice for all this matters and want to be able to see that all matters are closed with the referring invoice.

I find its not practicable to choose a linked document on each folder nor as replicating the main invoice in each of the related folders.

Any ideas?


One idea might be to use tags for months and customers instead of groups. Then an invoice could support multiple customers and/or multiple months.

Could you create a Sheet with custom metadata to track these relationships, perhaps with a script to automate the entry of the data? Then create Smart Groups for the various subgroups of data you are seeking or sort the Sheet with all of the metadata.

@rkaplan: Thanx for that suggestion but I don’t have the plan how to realize this… I’ll give it a try when I have time to learn about automations and scripting.

Thanx @cgrunenberg but this would have other effects on the organization. Isn’t this a (basic) interesting feature I can wait for or do I abuse DT with this scenario and I have to overthink some basics questions regarding my organization and software ?

DT3 is great at organizing and querying by document.

Your scenario verges on the need to sort and query by specific fields - that starts to approach the task of a traditional database rather than the function of DT.

Maybe you’re right, that’s why I am asking.
But it’s a pity that I need to split my “one software solution” just for this kind of small changes that could be (easily) made. Linking documents is already possible and I just need to see this feature extended a little bit.
I am curious about the opinion of christian. Is this scenario wrong for the use in DT.

Actually it sounds ideal for tagging or replicating but maybe I’m missing a detail.

I don’t mean to be negative at all about DT3 - it is a stunning app that helps immensely with my workflow.

But no app can be all things to all people.

Yes, I think the use case described here could be done with tagging. But I suspect the gotcha would be the apparent desire for queries of the data based on vendor or invoice number or other metadata-level criteria. Yes, that can be done in DT3, but there would not be a pretty GUI to help format the query, as most end users would probably expect. Instead the OP would need to manually formulate queries (or somehow create templates or scripts for each query).

Moreover it is not clear to me if the goal is to have only one end-user or, as is typical with invoice type apps, if there would potentially be multiple users, perhaps simultaneously. That is not an area where DT3 would shine.