List annotations from a pdf and/or extract pages

Excuse me for my ignorance but I was wondering if this was possible using devonthink pro office.
I often mark students work and need to keep a copy of the annotations and pages with annotations to know what they need to improve.

How would I either list the annotations from a pdf into another document, and/or extract pages with annotations from a pdf to a new document using an applescript?

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated, this can be done quite easily on quick reader on iOS but not in any desktop software that I have used! (Devonthink, preview, pdfpenpro)

Thanks in advance


This is discussed frequently in this forum - you’ll find lots of commentarty and approaches by browsing using “advanced search”.

In summary:

If you want to store the annotations in the PDF:

  • It’s not possible to print or extract annotations using DEVONthink, or by scripting DEVONthink (I assume that’s why you posted in this forum), or in DEVONthink to Go
  • On the desktop, Skim (it is free), is the best at extracting and saving annotations in separate files. Since this is not a Skim forum, there’s plenty of advice elsewhere on how to do that.
  • As you discovered, QuickReader on iPad is a very good option for annotating and extracing annotations

The better choice, IMO, is creating annotation documents (RTFs) linked to the PDF. Again this is discussed extensively in the forum - so look for anything on this topic by Bill_DeVille, Greg_Jones, or Houthakker. (Not meaning to slight any of the dozens of other excellent contributors on this topic. :slight_smile: )