Lots of great info, but where is it?

Can you provide a link that flips over to iTunes? Your release notes say v1 is active, but it cannot be located in the App store.

The “Get It” section on the page describing DEVONthink To Go notes that it is still in the stage of QA testing.

When the app becomes available on Apple’s App Store, there will be a change and a link to the App Store.

Meanwhile, I’m enjoying using the pre-release version on my iPad. :smiling_imp:

Sorry, couldn’t resist. :slight_smile:

Now that’s just downright mean Bill. :cry:

No worries. In my search for it on iTunes I discovered an excellent app called Evernote. While the Mac based side is not equivalent to DT, the iPhone side is full of features including synchronization with your Mac, optical character recognition built into Picture Notes, and it’s location aware. AND FREE. Notes that I take on the iPhone Evernote app are synced with my Mac and then dragged over to DevonThink Pro. I’m in the process of writing a script for it.

Oh, and it works via 3G as well.

Done. Look for Veritrope’s script here or on his site.

Review process is killing me… I check the store every hour or two

We’re still “awaiting review”. I will change the product page when DEVONthink To Go is finally in review.

No worries. I just was hoping it would get through their interminable process in time for my weekend ‘catchup’ binge…

[edit Saturday]

argh… Bastids is killin’ us instant gratification types… Doesn’t Apple work weekends? :smiley:

Hah! I’m tired of the app store asking me if I meant “novothink”!!!

Ever since this was posted, I keep searching the app store for “devonthink” “devon” “dttg”

and, no, iTunes, I did not mean “ottg”

I don’t know what novothink is, but I can’t wait until that search lands on the DTTG app!

I can’t wait!
:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Wow, given what we think, what must the guys at Devon Tech feel? I mean, waiting to see their hard work validated must be killing them. Moreover, to basically put their future in the hands of someone else who will “get to it when they get to it”…

Really, its times like this that I do not wonder who will eat the App store’s lunch, but more likely how many will get a piece of the pie? It only takes one to show all the others how to do it and then Apple will be doing ‘damage control’ and everyone will say that ‘it serves them right’.

And yes, I’m tired of seeing ‘Novothink’ too… :smiley:

I suffer the same sinking disappointment when “novothink” pops up in my search results. Looking forward to trying the new app out the moment it hits the store. Hope you guys have a few pints ready to be lifted when it goes “live”.


Yes, I want DEVONthink To Go very, very badly on my iPad; srsly badly. :exclamation:

So, tonight I submitted my second ‘App Request’ using the form provided when you don’t find that for which you are looking. Really, given how long this process takes one must wonder why it is that there is so much dross on the App Store. Indeed, if I see another ‘fart’ application I may… buy it like I usually do :slight_smile:

Seriously folks, I almost wish I didn’t know about DTTG… Its distracting to check the App Store like 10 times a day. Never-mind that the DevonThink ppl keep telling us they will let us know; I keep hoping that someone at Apple will take their thumb out of their butt and fast track this to release bypassing ‘in review’. I mean, what possibly could be taking them so long???d

Oh its awful. I’m an instant gratification person… I might end up having serious mental damage as a result of this. Cruel, are they not?

No worries, gentlemen, I will post a note on the blog as soon as DEVONthink To Go’s status changes … from ‘waiting for review’ to ‘in review’. According to other developers we spoke to it can take up to two weeks for an app to climb up the review queue and another week for the review.


It’s all Bill’s fault you know. He just had to make us envious you know? :slight_smile:

And there was I believing Steve Jobs when he declared 95% of the apps submitted are reviewed within seven days…

Ho hum!

Is there a video showing its operation that we can drool over while we wait? :smiley:

Yeah, I’m starting to get a little miffed. I bet iBeer was in the 95% pile, but neither OmniFocus nor DEVONthink To Go are/were.

Darn, here we are at another weekend and my plans to update my workflow are awry because of all the iFart-to-do-drawing-while-iDrinkBeer apps ahead of DTTG in the waiting to be reviewed queue.

I think I shall familiarize myself with this “review process” so that I can join the many others in blogging about Apple’s OCD control issues.

Aside from that, to those who think I would get bored with noisemaking sooner or later I wish you all a good weekend.

Note I reserve the option of making this thread even longer. Gives me something to do while I await the release. :mrgreen:

On the other hand OmniFocus was well and truly worth the wait, so I’ll take this delay as a good omen. But what with DEVONthink To Go, the imminent release of Scrivener 2, and now the distinct possibility of a MacBook Air refresh, I dunno - the next few weeks could prove to be a mite expensive…
:wink: :smiley: