Lots of great info, but where is it?

Not sure I agree. I found OmniFocus to be truly disappointing. Nothing really innovative or taking full use of the platform.

I was only marginally happy with the release of a universal version of 2do which is, IMO, far more capable and well designed than OmniFocus.

Do I know what I truly want?: not really. I know that the “killer app” has yet to arrive for the iPad. I am looking with hope towards DTTG; won’t know until Apple extracts it’s thumbs from it’s posterior orifice of it’s going to ‘tide me over’.

Oh yes, I’ve an air too. Getting ready to abandon in favor of 15" MBP. Nice that ts light but I continually run into it’s resource limitations. What makesnyou surmise a refresh is likely?

Seems more a topic for another thread/forum … or not, since I appreciated your post turning me on to 2Do. :slight_smile:

It was worth the wait. Not sure about the omen though. It isn’t even in review yet.

This season looks great for writing software, I agree. Already bought Ommwriter Dana, although that might loose some of its flavor once Scrivener 2.0 is out.
Also waiting for Daedalus, some iPad writing tool from the Ulysses guys.

No new Mac planned, though :slight_smile:

Status: Submitted to App Store and awaiting review.

No fingernails left… I’ve started on my knuckles now!

October 20th, that’s what.

:question: :confused:

How many weeks are we waiting for ? 3 or 4 ?… :confused:

Please, next time you’ll submit an app to the Appstore, don’t tell us so early !! :wink:

Here’s the link.
engadget.com/2010/10/13/appl … here-live/

Thanks. I’d missed that announcement due to lack of feed reading lately.

Friday is rolling around again and my app store search for “Devon” is still absent the fruit I seek. I am surprised that Apple hasn’t given any indication whatsoever. I can only imagine how Eric and Co.

Oh well, I’m going to Death Valley this weekend for some stargazing. That should keep my mind off of it for a couple of days.

Though, really, I don’t know why I’m sweating it so hard… Must have something to do with my childhood or whatnot… :smiley:

Don’t worry. There are applications approved and published even on sunday. Let App Store sort apps by date and see it by yourself.

I still hope there is a good surprise soon.

I couldn’t find a button to watch this thread without replying. Here’s to hoping it comes out soon. :slight_smile: Someone please post when it comes out and then we’ll get this thread notification.

User control panel – board preferences – Then change My board style to Prosilver. In that style there’s a link at the bottom of the page to subscribe. Thanks to the person who posted that elsewhere where I saw it recently. :smiley:

Alternatively you could use RSS.


Or follow/read the blog; see Eric’s recent post there about the rejection.

Thanks for tips. I try to avoid rss, even email is enough of a distraction. :slight_smile:.

And btw, If I were a beta tester I would have found that issue you were rejected for. Have found it in other apps. :slight_smile:

I’m utterly crestfallen. On the other hand, It’s only a minor setback and the team are on the case…

I guess this is the penalty you pay for being tethered to a curated system. But then, Apple’s diligence can only result in a more robust app… Shame you can’t purchase patience online. I’d be looking to buy a couple if kilos! :unamused:

No ! my god ! I didn’t see DVTG was rejected ! I become mad ! :wink:

So, has the app been changed and resubmitted? or are you not even going to tell anyone this time, what with all of the hand-wringing us DT fans have been doing? :slight_smile:

Read Eric’s blog post!