macOS Monterey - 2013 mac pro (trashcan) - 2015 macbook pro - devonthink silently quitting / crashing - how to debug?

Hi everyone,
I’m working on somewhat older hardware:

  • mid 2015 macbook pro
  • 2013 macpro (trashcan)
    Both mentioned systems have recently been upgraded to macOS Monterey

Only on these two systems, devonthink seems to quietly close / crash without leaving any trace in the logs.

I have no clue as to what is causing this.
For information: both systems sync to webdav running on an older mac mini. But there does not seem to be a sync problem.

The annoying thing is on each restart of DEVONthink, DB’s need to be rechecked and confirmed.

Is there a way to increase the logging level to try and capture what is causing this behaviour?

Do you happen to have SIP disabled on the machines?

Yes indeed on both systems SIP was disabled. I have re-enabled SIP now and report back.

Would you mind explaining how this influences DTPO behaviour?

Thanks for helping out!

You’re welcome and thanks for confirming this.
Why did you have SIP disabled? This is not suggested behavior.

Why is SIP status salient to this and a near-identical question, in particular?

Because we are tracking an issue and that seems to be the common thread. I am asking to see if our suspicions and testing bear out. And they are certainly seeming to.

It’s also inadvisable, generally speaking, to disable SIP.
In fact, I’ve had many kernel panics on a brand new M1 Mini running 12.3.1 with SIP disabled during my testing. So add that to the reasons why it’s good to leave SIP in place. :slight_smile:

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Just to report that after turning on SIP protection the random quitting of DTPO seems to have been resolved.

Thank you for the follow-up and verification of our results as well. :slight_smile: