Mail plugin issues

I’m running Monterey 12.1rc, and the latest Devonthink. Mail is throwing an error on startup when I enable the Devonthink plugin, complaining about the DeveonThink BigSur plugin.

Problem is that every time I reinstall the Plugin from Devonthink, it reinstalls the “Big Sur” plugin. I’ve completely removed the Devonthink plugins from mail, yet the Big Sur version gets reinstalled. Is there a Monterey plugin for Devonthink v3.8?

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Does this thread (or, failing that, this post) help?


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Same here, now with the official release. Mail plugin not available at all.

Have you followed the links above (or here)? The plugin is available (it is still called BigSur, but with v. 4.0.5 it works in Monterey).

Seems like there were old mail plugins in several places. After deleting them all, a reinstall plugins from Devonthink got me working… as you say, still says Big Sur