Markdown editor: feature request (indent existing text)

This is a feature request for the ability to indent existing selected text in a markdown record.


DT supports MultiMarkdown footnotes. A footnote which consists of multiple paragraphs must have those paragraphs indented for the footnote to be properly recognised (see

I have existing text (in the form of my doubtless now notorious diary records) to which I may add footnotes consisting of multiple paragraphs (for example, seasonal odes :grinning:). Currently I must indent those footnotes a line at a time. It would be easier to be able to select the text and indent it with one command.

I hope I have not overlooked anything obvious but cannot at the moment find a way to do that in DT.


Our free WordService provides actually two services to indent/outdent text (called Shift Left/Right).

Sorry to be obtuse but I can’t find it.


Did you download & install WordService (DEVONtechnologies | Download)? In addition, you might have to enable the desired services in System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Services

No, apologies—have just tracked it down and am installing it. Never heard of it before!

Thanks so much for your help.


And it’s even older than DEVONthink :laughing:

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It works perfectly regardless of its age (unlike me :grin: ).