Markdown metadata (version 3.7 onwards


There are quite a few posts regarding Markdown in DT, but the just-released version 3.7 introduced some very interesting new features and includes metadata support (!).

This is the content of the sample document I was using for testing:

Title:    Just a sample document
Author:   John Appleseed
Date:     2021-04-24
Comment:  Dolorem laboriosam natus vero.  

{{/Config/Header inclusion.txt}}

# [%title]

## Purpose

## Approach

## References

First thing I noticed, is that the title property uses the filename, regardless of the title keyword in the metadata.

To be continued…

Second: while in the side-by-side view, the document properties remain empty until you switch to preview.

To be continued…

The metadata variable ([%title]) is rendered perfectly, however when you look at the document’s Table of Contents, it still shows %title instead of the variable’s value.

To be continued…

Lastly, I was hoping to search on metadata, but either I’m doing it wrong or my workflow is not supported, or …

I was trying to search for the author John Appleseed, which should’ve returned my sample document, but using the Author nor the Metadata search returned any results.

To be continued…

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I’m not saying all of these things are bugs, but I thought I’d report them anyway. Any insight is very welcome! Thanks in advance!

Just wanted to say I’m sorry for splitting up my post into several parts, but this is due to a limitation put onto new user accounts…

Screenshot 2021-04-24 at 13.33.34


In case of the rendered preview, the inspector shows the metadata of the HTML output. Only editing or side-by-side mode use the source.

The metadata is currently case sensitive (title!=Title), the next release will fix this.

I changed the metadata keywords to lowercase and noticed they were picked up in the Document pane.
That clears it up! :slightly_smiling_face:

In that case, I wouldn’t expect the Comment or Author field to have a value when looking at the rendered output.

Here’s the source (and the metadata correctly copied):

This is the rendered (HTML) version:

As you can see, the title property changes and takes the value of the filename, but the other fields keep their value, identical to the source. Is this only an issue for the title perhaps? Just trying to see if I understand correctly.

Thanks again!

Metadata indexing is case sensitive currently, the rendering is a completely different story and always supported these values (no matter which case).

may I have an additional question.
When I tried to use the Metadata as described in the manual it works fine in my point of view. But when I was using the transclusion feature the metadata are shown in the rendered output. Is this an disadvantage or do I doing something wrong?

How does the source of the Markdown document and of the transcluded file look like?

I don’t want to be pedantic or anything, but I genuinely don’t understand what you mean by metadata indexing and how it applies here. Sorry… :confused:

An Example:
Seite 1

That’s currently not supported, transclusion basically just replaces the reference with the transcluded file.

ok, thank you very much

However, an upcoming release will probably improve this.