Maximum group sizes?

Is there a maximum (workable) size of groups? I seem to encounter some issues when I have folders on my computer with large numbers of files. (even c. 20,000 files seems to slow down the display of the files in Finder).

Even if the files were very small (text files, let’s say, with only a few KB stored in them), would I encounter this lag if I were to have a group with a large number (greater than 100K, less than 500K total items)?

I guess I need to test it out, but I’m wondering if there is any guidance around performance of DTPO on this?

The more items there are in a group (or folder), the slower reading & sorting the list of items will become. In case of the filesystem and the Finder it’s even worse. But in case of DEVONthink a useful group hierarchy and not too many items in a group improves See Also & Classify results too.

Finally, more than 200.000-300.000 items and 200-300 million words (see File > Database Properties) are not recommended per database for optimal performance.

Ok thank you. That was exactly the kind of response I was hoping for.