MD icon for Markdown

I somehow managed to get the icon to be seen by devonthink as the default way to identify MD texts. Now all my MD texts have a bear attached. I am unsure how I managed this and would like to revert, if possible, to have MD identified by the default DT or MACos icon for MD. Although I still use Bear most of my MD is now creaded on Marked2. Can anyone help me figure out how to fix this?

Thank you

I never experienced this personally but read that some app developers think it’s a good idea to change a file type‘s default app without asking the user. No idea whether Bear app does that, I guess it doesn’t.

Go to a markdown file in Finder, open a Info window and change the default app.

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THanks …tried that but it only changes the one file icon een though I check that i am asking it to do this across the board.

There should be a checkbox that allows to change the default globally for a given file type (at least that’s the case in macOS Mojave and prior). Restart DEVONthink afterwards.

To add to @pete31’s comments…

Press the Change All button in the Get Info pane in the Finder and okay the change.

Ah, it’s a button, not a checkbox (I shouldn’t post from the iPhone…)

Haha! No worries. I do that myself sometimes :slight_smile:

Thanks i tried that but does not seem to work. But thanks for your prompt response

What is the default app shown in Data > Open With when you have a Markdown file selected in DEVONthink?

It doesn’t seem to have a default for MD but lists Netnik, Bear and marked2 ass well as word in the drop down list that appears. THe default for plain text (which is treated as markdown) is textedit2

Just noticed that docs in the marked2 list of recent files seem to have the bear logo too, so maybe this is a macOS issue not a devonthink one?

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There has to be a default application for the filetype.

Please post a screen capture of what you’re seeing. Thanks.

was that what you wanted?

Yes, but it looks unusual. The Bear icon is red. Your icons are green. And you should have a default application shown.

What application is shown for a Markdown document in the Get Info pane in the Finder?

Devonthink! still green.

Not sure about the icon but that’s interesting you have DEVONthink set as the default application for Markdown files. Why is that?

Setting DEVONthink as the default application launches it to import the file when double-clicked in the Finder. This would not be desirable behavior in any use-case I can think of.

Choose a proper Markdown application as the default application instead.

So I’ve long had a related (small, niggling, ultimately irrelevant) issue. My system icons for md files are plain white pages (apparently the ‘generic document icon’). See attached images from DT, and the ‘Get info’ pane. No amount of associating the file with any of the markdown capable apps ever change the nature of the icon. It’s currently set to BB Edit, for instance, I click ‘change all’ and nothing happens. The file icon is always the same generic. When I last looked into this before I decided that my life’s too short, I tried to trouble shoot this via the advice here listed (but it never resolved the issue). Mac Displaying Wrong, Generic Document Icons For Files & Folders, Fix - macReports

Screenshot 2022-02-16 at 10.30.30
Screenshot 2022-02-16 at 10.27.55

Yes thanks tried did that but it seems not to make a jot of difference.

You are so right this is such a tiny and niggling little thing. I can relate to your comments…funny how litle things like this can jar… I guess it’s the not understanding why. But thanks for sharing!

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