Merging Databases

I’m new here. Currently using the trial version of DTP 2.4.1. I’ve set up some databases and now believe that merging two of them would be better. It’s not clear how I do that and retain the tags that I’ve created in both (in which there is some overlap).

I’ve checked the help files and searched the forum. I found this from 2007: … databases/ but I’m hoping it’s got easier than that in the last 5 years.

I hope someone can help.

Many thanks.

I am interested in this too. Thanks. Bill 130404

Maybe I am missing something but I would just open the two databases in separate windows, highlight everything in one and drag it into the other window.
Alternatively you can right-click and choose “move to…”, this would save you the bother of deleting the stuff in the source database once the drag and drop operation has completed but in your case it sounds as though you’d be deleting the obsolete database anyhow.


Since it’s more sync-centric, I’ve posted a new related topic:

merge databases with synching?