Missing menu buttons in DTPO 2.6

Since updating to the latest version (2.6), I have lost some of the buttons that I had added to the browser window. Specifically, the ones that allow you to save a page as HTML, webarchive, PDF, or rich text, are no longer available.

I’m hopeful that you will find a way to add them back again as they allow for the convenient processing of pages.


p.s. I just noticed that the ‘capture note’ option is missing from the contextual menu. I think I saw another post on the same issue but I thought I’d also note it here.

Thanks for the feedback! The new Data > Capture menu or the new Action menu of the navigation bar might be alternatives.

It’s still available but the contextual menus have been reorganized, see What happened to the "capture note" function?

I also would like to see those buttons back. Using menu or contextual menu is simply too time consuming if you have to do it often. For the same reason you could create even more buttons for other options which can be found only in menu. Creating markdown document for example. Thank you.

For what it’s worth, I much prefer having those buttons. These are functions that I perform a lot and they are ones that I don’t want to have to think about. I want these actions to be second nature. Having to use menus and especially sub-menus, requires that I stop and think about what I want to do. There is a lot more positioning involved. So in addition to the greater physical effort and time, it also distracts me from the matter at hand. What was a simple act is now a complex one. Thanks.

Kind of confusing to be titled Data > Capture in the main menu but Capture Page in context menus, especially since the commands can capture pages and/or selections (without an easy way to determine which is supported).

I wonder why toolbar buttons for custom Scripts and Templates can be added to main and search, but not document, windows. I’d think they’d be more useful in document than search windows, but I’m guessing tougher to implement.

I can’t think of a way to regain the buttons, only keyboard shortcut usage as an alternative for them and menus.

Well, I’m sure that they could bring the buttons back. The functions seem to be simple enough that they can be delivered through bookmarklets in a browser. They don’t work quite as well that way however, especially with sites that require a login. It also means that you have to think about the format you want to keep at an inconvenient time.

As far as we know the former toolbar items were not very popular but here’s a workaround:

  1. Save this script in the folder ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Scripts/Toolbar and name it “Web Archive”.

-- Capture Web Archive

tell application "DEVONthink Pro"
	set theWindow to think window 1
	set theArchive to web archive of theWindow
	set theURL to URL of theWindow
	set title to name of theWindow
	set theRecord to create record with {name:title, type:webarchive, URL:theURL} in current group
	set the data of theRecord to theArchive
	set thumbnail of theRecord to PDF of theWindow
end tell

  1. You might want to add a custom icon to the saved script
  2. Restart DEVONthink Pro (Office), customize the toolbar and add the script to the toolbar.

Finally, another script to capture a PDF:

-- Capture PDF

tell application "DEVONthink Pro"
	set theWindow to think window 1
	set thePDF to PDF of theWindow
	set theURL to URL of theWindow
	set title to name of theWindow
	set theRecord to create record with {name:title, type:PDF document, URL:theURL} in current group
	set the data of theRecord to thePDF
end tell

That’ll only work with main and search window toolbars. I thought mockman and zeba wanted some buttons that were removed from document windows.

I wouldn’t have thought those buttons would be useful in document windows. Captures are normally made from a View window.

Dt’s Help documents views for main windows, not separate view windows, where it is possible to add custom toolbar items. I sort of mixed up main and document windows earlier, the latter being similar to view/edit panes of a main window (same info bar, different toolbar) in supported views. That similarity makes me wonder even more why custom toolbar items can’t be added to document windows, e.g. couldn’t a capture button also be useful there? In views without view/edit panes it might be preferable to open separate document windows and use capture buttons there instead of switching main window views to do it. Those captures could seem just as “normally made” in some usage scenarios as those from a view within a main window.

Of course not everyone will agree on which features should be available, and differing or overlapping, in view/edit panes and document windows.

Like others in this thread, I used the now-missing buttons regularly, and wish they would return from retirement.

Just curious, but how would you know that? I’ve not seen many feature-popularity polls on this forum – so what’s the science behind deciding what stays and what goes? Do people write in asking that features they don’t use be removed?


Usually because we don’t receive any feedback, bug reports or requests related to a feature for a long time. And after removing a feature, depending on the number of people who miss the feature.