Moving file from inbox to another database makes a duplicate

Every time I move a document from the inbox to a database folder it duplicates itself. I think this happens after syncing, but I am not sure.

I have clicked on “use latest document” on every device.

I sync from an imac to macbook pro and and iphone. I use the Bonjour options. The iMac is the only one selected as the incoming connections. With Enable incoming conncetions. The iPhone has Bonjour set to off, with a local conntion set up.

I probably should have said this, but I don’t want a duplicate of the document made every time that I move it from the inbox to a database.

Is it definitely a duplicate or a replicant? See e.g. Instances in Info inspector. In addition, is the destination group an internal group or an indexed group in the Finder?

The inspection panel shows the instances as “0 replicants, 1 duplicates”. The destination is an indexed group in finder when it duplicates.

Interetingly enough when I send something from the inbox to an internal group it does not duplicate.

What’s the path of the indexed group?

FYI I’m on DEVONthink 3.8.4 and I have tried two ways to move from the Global Inbox to another database: ctrl-m keys, and drag and drop. Neither results in a duplicate anywhere. I’ve tried same for an Inbox in a database to move to another database. When I repeat the experiment with the target being an indexed group (~/Desktop) I don’t see duplication either.

Perhaps you can do some screen shots or even a screen movie to show what you are doing?

How do I find the path? Or maybe a better question is what do you mean by the path.

The location in the filesystem. See also Path field in Info inspector.

Here are the screenshots. Showing the inbox with the file. The place where the file was dragged to. And, the location in the inspector. Let me know if you need more screenshots. Thank you for helping.

Is the path of the duplicate indexed files the same? And is the Documents folder synchronized via iCloud Drive?

So here is the interesting thing, When I go to finder, the file is not duplicated. It is only duplicated in Devonthink.
And the indexed files are within iCloud Drive and they are downloaded to this iMac.

What are the full path names for each file?

I also forgot to say that the path of the duplicate indexed file is the same.

And all Macs use the same version of macOS and of DEVONthink? And the Documents folder is on all machines synchronized via iCloud Drive?

The path names are ~/Documents/ES/Accomplishment questions

Yes, all Macs are using the same version of OS and of DEVONthink. And the Documents folder is on all machines synchronized via iCloud.

Is iCloud set to “optimise disk space”?

No, that box is not checked.

It is not checked on either machine.

Does this occur when moving from the Global Inbox to another database?