Multiple news notifications

While I mostly like the News notification that DT displays, for the last few updates, it has been inundating me with Notifications. See screenshot. What can I do to help you debug this? I’m running DT 3.8, macOS 12.2

Thanks for the feedback! Does this happen frequently? Or did only this news cause it?

It has happened before, this was not the first time. Here is another, earlier, example that I captured but forgot to report.

And DEVONthink is running all the time? Or restarted frequently?

Do you have any firewall or other network device/service in place that might alter data or URLs in transit?

The next release should fix this.

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This behavior was temporary fixed (or stopped) but it has returned again. I’m getting multiple, simultaneous notifications for Extras. Screenshot attached. DT 3.8.3

Screen Shot 2022-05-15 at 2.50.03 PM

I’m not seeing this behavior in the internal build here.