New error messages: "Ungültige Integrität der Datei, die Prüfsumme ..." in Englisch probably "invalid integrity ... checksum..."

There are new error messages in the log window:

“Ungültige Integrität der Datei, die Prüfsumme ist untereschiedlich”.
This messages appears several times, naming the file of concern.

Finally, there is summary message:
“Integrität von xxxx Dateien erfolgreich überprüft, Prüfsumme von yy Dateien unterschiedlich.”

Does anybody know, how to solve this?

Duplicate the file and erasing the original did not do the trick.

Hey. Are you indexing files, or only importing? If indexing, are the files being logged indexed? If so, as per this post please try selecting them and then select File > Update Indexed Items.

Thank your for jumping in.
But indexing is not in use at all. All files are in the database.

Ah, the englisch error message ist " “Verification of uploaded item failed”

I’m not sicher about that; did the message appear spontaneously in the log, or had you triggered the file integrity check? In the log, can you select anything from the context menu(s) of the file(s)?

I recall that it started with the german version of the message “Verification of uploaded item failed”
So, I did the normal maintenance stuff (check and repair) and finally the integrity check.
I am not sure if the error messages regarding integrity had already appeared or if the integrity check triggered it.

I have the same issue here: it says in English: Invalid File Integrity, Checksum of file is different. The file looks ok and I would like to have the option to fix this.

I ask again: In the log, can you select anything from the context menu(s) of the file(s)?

I can. The solution to fix it was actually simple: copy the file out of DevonThink. Delete it from DevonThink and import it again.

The log offers to show the file which was reported with the checksum error, within the database.

There is another error message “x noch hochzuladende Objekte.” popping up every minute. The english error message ist probably “x objects not yet uploaded”.
Here is no more information available. Neither the related database nor the object’s names.

@Ruud_Kloos Thanks for the info that a fresh import does the trick. I failed with duplicating within the database.

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Was this an Excel file you had a checksum issue with?

No EXCEL file.
It is a variety of file types.
2 of 6 of my databases report problems with integrity of files:

Database C&T reported 7 files of type:

  • 2x PDF
  • 4x Pages
  • MindNode

Database InfoBase reported 9 files of type:

  • 4x Diagram
  • 2x PDF
  • 2x Numbers
  • LTspice data file

Did you open or edit these files externally or are these indexed items?

Regarding open or edit the files externally:
I am not sure, I got your point. In general, I open the files from within DT.
Of course, the corresponding app manipulate the file externally.
Some of the files have not been modified since months.

With I am used to funny behaviour in DT. Sometimes, while working on a drawing for a while, it happened, that there several version appearing in DT.
Since, this appeared only randomly, I am not the position to decribe the problem properly.

Please advice me:
Shall I leave the objected files for now, to allow further investigations?
Or can I try to clean the situation like @Ruud_Kloos reported: Export and fresh import to DT.

You could both ignore the warnings (assuming that the files are stil valid and can be opened) or simply rebuild the database, this will also fix the warnings.

I rebuilt the smaller database. It worked out, but took quite some time.
Another disadvantage ist that Time Machine gets involved as well.

So, with the second database I did like Ruud_Kloos and exported, deleted and reimported the 7 files.

Now everything is in line
Thank your for your guidance.

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Hello Herb. In another post I read you can search for item:pending in the search bar. That helped me find and delete the missing items that were not uploading (they were missing from the drive).

Thank you – good to know.
I tracked the files by running the check and repair command. The log reported the missing files. They were the ones causing the upload pending message.