New iCloud (CloudKit) sync error

Trying to get the iCloud (CloudKit) sync to work from my MacBook Pro first. The sync starts but then it’s unable to finish with this error: 9:56:35 AM: This operation has been rate limited due to an earlier error: This operation has been rate limited due to an earlier error: <CKError 0x7fc966682df0: “Service Unavailable” (2022); “Request failed with http status code 503”; Retry after 1.0 seconds> CKErrorDomain 7

I see some of the upload on my iCloud account but it won’t finish. Any ideas?

See I'm seeing "Request failed with http status code 503" CKErrorDomain 6 - #6 by cgrunenberg

Tried setting Max Connections down to 5 and still getting an error.

While not completely indicative of the quality of a connection, what kind of results are you getting here…

70 Mbps on download and 90 Mbps on upload.

I am attempting to create a new sync with CloudKit and am getting the following error: " *CKErrorDomain error 7." File/Action - “This operation has been rate limited due to an earlier error: Request failed with http status code 503”.

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This is already being discussed here…

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So, my Mac finally did its thing with syncing as I set the Max Connections to 1.
Now I’m wondering how to get both my iPad and iPhone to sync with iCloud rather than my Mac on my network. Do I just turn off my local network in Locations?

Yes you could disable the Bonjour options in DEVONthink but why are you disabling the Bonjour sync?

I’d rather have my devices update themselves over iCloud rather than having to depend on my Mac.

Testing the syncing now with iCloud.

I suggest syncing one database at a time, starting with the smallest.

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Seems to have done fine. Why is it that DTTG goes through this whole syncing procedure when I haven’t made any changes? It’s as if it syncing a whole bunch of new files.

Because there’s no transactional data in the new application and/or the new sync location. That data is segregated (by design) in each sync location.

Did you sync one at a time or just enable all databases to sync?

Ive got ll databases set to sync. Seems to be doing fine now.

Glad to hear it. Thanks.

I am following the recommendations here—uploading only one database at a time, setting connections to 1, turning off other mechanisms. Inbox synced uneventfully. 10Gb (549 item) database got one 503 error; 16Gb (4300 item) got a few. But my big two are problematic. The 87Gb, 55,000-item one is getting a 503 about every 400 items, and it backs off a minute after each 503. That’s going to be two hours just in back off time, not counting the upload. (With more connections it was telling me that it was rate-limiting because of the errors, which I expect would be worse!). My upload/download speed is full gigabit fiber and is doing well for other iCloud and CloudKit features. Are there any diagnostics I can gather to help debug this?

This is just the throttling of Apple’s CloudKit servers, especially after huge uploads. Resuming after a longer break (few hours?) might help. The next release will also improve the retry & error handling but the basic issue will be still the same.