New iCloud sync

I’m very anxious to hear from people who try the new iCloud sync. Is it a big improvement? The one thing I miss from Evernote is the speed and reliability of sync. Of course, that’s partly because they host the notes on their own server, if I understand correctly. But I’d LOVE for DT sync to be faster and more reliable.

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A lot of chat on this topic already today.

Under what circumstances do you find unreliability and how do you notice and/or detect ? What problem needs fixing? do you need syncing via an external server? Bonjour not fast enough? how much data you talking about between what devices using what sync method(s)?

You should remember that Evernote and DEVONthink are two completely different things using different technologies.

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2times faster.

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Wow, thanks!

Yes, I know they are very different, but this is an area where Evernote was so good. Sync via iCloud before this new version and also via Dropbox seems to take forever and on iOS I feel constrained to leave the app open to make sure it syncs completely. The moving shadow over the cloud during iOS sync can happen several times and then the dot on the cloud appears, supposedly indicating that there is still a local change that needs to sync. On the Mac sync happens when I open the app (though it takes a long time) and subsequent syncs often time out.

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Do you really need external sync server? and do you really need all that data on the IOS device(s). in your reply i did not see much about reliability, but whatever.

It’s probably good to acknowledge that there is an increasingly growing segment of users that want all their data on all their devices. Because it is possible to get real work done, in particular, on an iPad.


agree that is a need for some. those who need just have to procure big enough devices with very fast connectivity (Bonjour with wire the best now) and the countdown the bytes. it is not magic.

As Greg Jones says below, I do indeed want all my data available to me w/o concern for an internet connection. If I understand Bonjour correctly, I need to be sure to open DT/DTTG on each of my devices (Mac/iPhone/iPad) when I’m home on my WiFi network to keep in sync. I want a sync that “just works” (to coin a phrase).

I’ve been on the DEVONthink To Go 3 beta since it’s inception, and I’ve found the combination of Bonjour and CloudKit sync to be very effective. Bonjour is great for the initial sync of large databases (and Bonjour may be all many of us need, especially in a COVID world), and CloudKit is vastly superior to the older cloud sync options for the day-to-day sync updates.



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well, no device will sync up or down unless turned on and connected.

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has there been an improvement on the frequency of the sync process? my problem isn’t speed but that i sometimes wait for 1 or 2 days until the files show up. i would like to get that down to seconds :wink:

if so i could switch back from cloudme

But the problem is that Bonjour sync would only happen when I’m home. COVID notwithstanding I’m not always home. I don’t want to have to stop every time I leave to open DTTG on my iPad and iPhone to make sure they are all synced up. And if I have that as a secondary sync it’s hardly necessary.

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Afaik i*OS devices do not sync in the background. So you have to turn your iPad/iPhone on and start DTTG on the device(s) regardless of the sync method.

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Yes but if they will only sync when I’m at home as happens with Bonjour then I have to be sure that I do open them when I’m at home. The likelihood is that at home I’m just using my Mac and then I go to somebody’s house and open my iPad or iPhone and I can’t access what I may have added on my Mac because it hasn’t synced. While if it’s iCloud or Dropbox sync it will then sync wherever I am by cellular data or my hosts’ Wi-Fi

I see. You might want to use the new iCloud sync then. It is supposedly a lot faster than the traditional one and hopefully more reliable.

I that definitively the case—and is there no way to get them to sync in the background?

I often find myself with just my phone or my iPad—which have thousands of notes… but rarely the most recent ones, which are of course the ones I need most often. Compound this with the fact that I’m often in a medical setting without cell service, and it makes DTTG less reliable for me (or maybe it’s I who’s unreliable, in that I don’t remember to open DTTG on all my devices every time Im leaving the house.

I’d love to have some way for my devices sync automatically when they have Wifi and are plugged in. I’m racking my brain, but can’t think of another app I have that isn’t able to sync like that.

If this is a possibility for a future update, count me as strongly in favor!

Thanks, that’s what I thought I’d do!

Background App Refresh is controlled by iOS, not DEVONthink To Go. iOS will terminate it after a very short period of time.

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