New sync to dropbox not working

I followed the instructions in the video and enabled dropbox etc. However when I tell it to sync the database a pop-up appears as though it is syncing, but very quickly disappears and nothing is synced.
I have 5 databases and they all react the same.

Nor me. I have one showing up only of five. In addition, I was reading a post here just a minute ago that seems to have moved or vanished that pointed out the procedure in the Help file is potentially disastrous when it tells you to turn off syncing for the Apps folder (ie all apps! Not just DV). It also says you can turn off those with the dv filetype but they are not visible on my machine. I don’t understand how sync will work without Dropbox co-ordinating those folders: it would help if we were told whether DV goes direct over the net to Dropbox and bypasses the local version of the folder.

So now, like the vanished poster, I have moved my DV files out of Dropbox (deleting them from all the other machines) and I can’t get the files I have here to sync: my laptop only sees one of them despite going through the set-up process severaltimes, and waiting to give DB a chance to catch up. The laptop doesn’t see any other databases to import.

The Help files are misleading/wrong and the sync seems not to work. Where now? I have to put them all back because I need access to the files on all the machines.

Please give us clearer and more informative instructions, especially about what to do when it doesn’t go smoothly!

I have run Verify and Repair on the ‘missing’ databases, sorted out missing files (deleted the references to them) and now it is trying to synchronise them rather than giving a swift failure notice in the log. Too soon to say if it will work but othres might want to try it…

Please note: If a problem with Sync is encountered, the first thing to do is to open the Activity log (Window > Log) and check for a message. What does it say?

For example, Sync will stop and report if there’s a verification error. What to do? The answer is to use one of DEVONthink’s tools to make the database error-rfree before the next Sync attempt.

I’m the phantom poster. Sorry about that. Just after I posted I discovered that if I verified and repaired the databases they did synch, so deleted the post and did another.

In the meantime there have been several similar posts. Bill has been replying manfully, but all this could have been avoided if the tutorial and other info had made it clear that databases should be verified before synchs are set up. It would help if this was amended pronto, as it is obviously going to be a widespread problem and gives a false impression of the usefulness of the new feature. DT deserves better than this!

I take Bill’s explanation of why the feature is better than just putting the database entire in Dropbox, as many of us have been doing for a long time. Generally this causes few problems, but the danger is there, as it is for many apps using databases, and this new feature is very welcome. But please, guys, do explain it better.

Hi I have cleaned up the databases on my main machine and I seem to have been able to sync to dropbox OK. However I am confused…
I used to have my databases in a folder in dropbox to sync them between my machines.
Am I right in thinking these are no longer required and that all my databases are in the DT folder in Apps on dropbox? That when it starts up it goes to those databases?
Sorry if it seems a stupid question but I fear I am missing how this App now syncs.



  1. The databases should NOT be in a Dropbox folder. They should also be moved out before setting up and initiating a DropBox Sync.

  2. The databases in DEVONthink are the local files you moved out of the DropBox folder, they are not stored in the DropBox/Apps/DEVONthink folder. This folder only contains Sync related information.

Thanks for that it now makes sense.


No problem. Happy Syncing! 8^)

I have travelled through the issues of verify and repair database on my main iMac and successfully sync’d my database to Dropbox (Yey!). However now I am trying to import my database onto my MBA and nothing seems to work!

My initial attempt was to directly transfer my database, which started fine, but then stopped and told me the database could not be verified.

Then I tried to import from the Dropbox and after a while it comes up and tells me there are errors in the sync store files - which I have no way of verifying!

Is there a way to copy the database on my Mac to my Laptop and then sync with Dropbox to connect them?

Were you previously running the public beta of the Sync Plugin?

I was running beta 3. To ensure this was not the problem I deleted Devonthink from both my computers (I even deleted the plugins separately) and installed 2.5 as a full install. Devonthink was also deleted from Dropbox.

Separately there have been a lot of posts about not syncing the DropBox App folder. Are people aware that if you select the ‘Advanced View’ you can select only to not sync the DevonThink SyncStore folder?

Please try the Sync operation again AFTER following these instructions…

To enable logging, type the following in /Applications/Utilities/ and restart DEVONthink:

defaults write com.devon-technologies.thinkpro2 DTSyncDebug -bool YES
defaults write com.devon-technologies.thinkpro2 DTSyncDebugHigh -bool YES

This will log more detail to your system log, which can be viewed in /Applications/Utilities/

After you’ve attempted the Sync, open Console, type “DEVONthink” in the filter field in the upper right-hand corner, and copy and paste ALL of the window’s contents into a new text document. Please start a Ticket on our DEVONtechnologies Support Ticket System and attach the document.