No editing bar in View -> Full Screen -> Document

I like to read my PDFs in Full Screen -> Document mode on my MacBook.
Unfortunately for me, there is no Editing Bar in Full Screen mode.

I really would appreciate the possibility to see an Editing Bar after moving the cursor to the upper limit of the screen. In Preview Full Screen mode, the Toolbar slides in after moving the cursor there.

Thank you for considering this request.

It’s intentional that the fullscreen document mode is completely distraction-free for writing/reading. Opening the document in its own window and using fullscreen window mode might be a good alternative, in this mode all bars and inspectors are supported.


Thank you very much!

Your suggestion of fullscreen window mode of a separate window is exactly what I was looking for.

In general, it seems that I can only have one DEVONthink window in full screen at a time. If I’m browsing my database in fullscreen and then I select a PDF and open it in a new DEVONthink window, rather than opening in a new full screen window, the PDF document opens in a regular window floating on top of the full screen window. If I mouse over the green dot in the top right corner of the PDF window, I see the option to Zoom, but no Full Screen option.

There are some workarounds but they’re inconsistent. If I exit full screen in the first DT window and then put the other one into full screen, then go back to the first window, sometimes I can get them both in full screen mode.

A lot of people like to have this distraction free view in DTTG, I guess. There is a post already.

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The next release will actually change this.

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That’s great to hear!

On the topic of issues in full screen, it seems that when switching between workspaces, the full screen state isn’t reliably recalled. Sometimes I’ll save a workspace in full screen view, but when I call it back, it switches to a regular window view.

How many windows and what kind of windows does the workspace open? And which macOS version?

I’m running the latest macOS: 12.2

This time I have two windows open, with one in full screen. Then I load another workspace that should open in full screen. But instead, it takes me out of full screen. Both of these workspaces should have two windows open, where one is in full screen and the other shows a particular PDF document (the same PDF in both workspaces). I had them named Temp1 and Temp2 to quickly toggle back and forth between 2 views, and I’ll usually update these Temp workspaces a few times during my working session.

I’m seeing no issue with switching between workspaces with DEVONthink in full screen window mode in Monterey.

Does this persist after a reboot?

Is it possible that the workspace is also updated while DEVONthink is not in fullscreen mode anymore?