NSURLErrorDomain -1001

I get dozens of these a day. I’m on a very fast internet connection, so that’s not an issue.

“Reveal” is greyed out, FWIW.

3.5.1 Server Edition on macOS 10.15.5.

I also get these (after I updated to version 3.5.1). I am syncing some databases to DTTG using Dropbox. I saw in some old posts that lowering the maximum number of connections in Preferences>Sync might help. However, when I tried lowering to 6 connection maximum the error messages still kept coming.

These are temporary Dropbox issues, contrary to former versions the sync now performs automatic retries but eventually might give up and log this issue. Does this persist after several hours?

It has persisted for several days, but not yet today.

Same here. It’s on and off - now about once per hour; tonight it happened every 2-3 min for several hours.

Does the Dropbox.app run concurrently and/or do you keep Preferences > Sync opened all the time?

Not exactly sure what you mean: Dropbox is running, showing the menu icon and always the status “up to date”

The DT3 preferences? I had, but closed it now - the NSU… error persists. My sync preferences are “automatic”, though.

I would definitely suggest to close the preferences, does this make a difference after restarting the app?

unfortunately not - the error just showed up again

Does quitting the Dropbox.app (the one in the menubar) make a difference?


OK: I had a run of an error message every three minutes for roughly an hour. Then I quit the Dropbox app. Now, 10 min later, another error message, now again every three minutes.

I also force quit the Dropbox Finder Extension processes (I had four of them).

Any clues?

Unfortunately not as we could never reproduce this and as it’s caused by the Dropbox’ SDK/servers.

After no instances of the error, it is now occurring every 5 minutes since two hours ago.

Around the time this started I had opened Preferences, looked at the Sync tab in Preferences for something I wanted to check in on, then closed Preferences. Thereafter the -1001 error started up again. This makes no sense.

I’ve concluded that the sync with Dropbox is broken and unreliable so I removed the Dropbox sync store and am starting over again with and iCloud sync store.

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Yea, I’m going to have to try this as well. And I may use this as an opportunity to cancel my Dropbox paid account.

EDIT: I used this as an opportunity to save the money. I have 2 TB of iCloud space and I had 2 TB of Dropbox space but was only using maybe 150 GB on each. I’ve consolidated to iCloud and the ~2 GB free plan on Dropbox will be sufficient for my needs going forward.

Ive got the same problem since a few days.

Is it DT or Dropbox or both?

This warning is only issued when Dropbox’s servers aren’t responding in a timely fashion.

But the sync between two Macs does not work any longer in a reliable way.