NSURLErrorDomain -1001

FWIW, I have removed my Dropbox sync, moved everything to iCloud. The error has so far disappeared.

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The same with me. In the past Dropbox was more reliable than iCloud

Do all of you using the iCloud for sync have no problems with syncing?

I’ve recently gone back to DT and imported LOTS of stuff into it. No issues to report, apart from the fact that iCloud needs temporary disk space in your main drive to sync. If you have a small SSD, you might have to free some space.

I have no problem with iCloud, Dropbox, CloudMe, my own WebDAV server, company WebDAV server, local sync store, and Bonjour. :slight_smile:

And no, I don’t suggest everyone use all those different options. :wink:

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The does not really help me, Jim.

I was responding to your comment: ”Do all of you using the iCloud for sync have no problems with syncing?”.

There is no perfect bulletproof remote sync option, as I’ve discussed many times. Also discussed in the forums many times: some people have problems with Dropbox; some don’t. Some people have issues with iCloud; some don’t., etc.

You have asked a very broadly phrased question.
IMHO, we can only know whether a sync method is working or not by observing what happens to ourselves because the number and settings of databases (number of databases and size and number of files in each database) and number of index folders and and type and number of devices (disk space of Mac and and memory of I-devices) are all different?
BTW, I only sync with two Macs and iPad, and I use Bonjour with no problem.

Thanks, Jim.

Thanks, ngan.

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You’re welcome and apologies if my response came off the wrong way.

Donˋt worry, Jim. DevonThink is my main tool on the Mac and couldn’t live without it. For my job synchronisation between my iMac and my MacBook is essential and the Dropbox synchronisation worked for years without any problem. And now error messages a lot. Very frustrating…

Indeed. And it’s frustrating for us as well, as we have no data pointing to a culprit and cannot reproduce the issue here.

I have had reports that it spontaneously just started working with no timeouts. I’m glad for the people but it again provides no useful info for us.

The errors stopped when I switched to iCloud from Dropbox. But, as Jim knows, I now have an entirely new weird issue with iCloud sync that no one can resolve.

In my experience, going back to the first (horrible) alphas of sync years ago — sync can be wonderful and then it’s not, and there’s no accounting for why or predicting when the flip will occur.

Just want to mention that I have the same issue (error on Dropbox sync) if increasing the number of the population for log files etc. helps.

What kind of Dropbox account do you use and how many items/bytes (see File > Database Properties) did you upload to Dropbox?

Hi Christian,
Dropbox Professional and various numbers of items, depending on the database.

And it worked until about two weeks.


Same error for me. Dropbox sync, error about every 15 minutes.

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As previously noted, this is non-fatal and is just showing Dropbox isn’t responding in a timely fashion.