NSURLErrorDomain -1001

Given that it is non-fatal, would it be possible to have DT3 default to not logging it, with an option to enable it (e.g., under a “debug” or “developer” mode)?

I’m sure it would be possible but Development would have to respond to that.

It is getting worse. I also get more Orphaned files and database losses. Not sure what is happening.

Same here. I dont have any issues with other apps.

I was on that journey as well. Dropbox sync just had issues that never got resolved. I switched to iCloud. Word of warning, iCloud so far had no issues but is utterly unreliable as well.
Syncs take up to 24 hours to show up on my devices. I switched note-taking to Bear.app now (also icloud) as the sync is instant.

I’m afraid DT feels less stable these days. I have experienced a number of “Failed database verification” messages and Orphaned files PLUS the constand Dropbox errors. This does not happen with other apps which use Dropbox such as 1Writer, Drafts, Obsidian etc etc

This is not an apples-to-apples comparison.
Also, have you started a support ticket as you’re reporting abnormal behavior?

Nobody cares if it is apples-to-apples when DT doesn’t work? Which is why I am now forced to use Bear (or some other note-taking app with a more reliable sync)?

Thanks for your support. With database maintenance the issues have been resolved. A lesson for me to establish a regular routine.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

I‘m still having the problem with Dropbox sync. Anybody else?

Are you actually having sync problems, i.e., things not syncing?

I’m still getting the error message – but doesn’t appear to be causing a problem with the sync itself.

I’m experiencing this same error message many times daily. Since te Sync seems though to work properly, I wouldn’t complaint, except that if DT is running in full screen mode, the error window will show up on another virtual screen when switching to DT. And it just fills up journal with error messages which don’t seem to be relevant. Would appreciate an option to filter these error messages

It seems to sync without mistakes but produces lots of error messages such as “Timeout. (NSURLErrorDomain -1001”, “Überprüfung fehlgeschlagen”, or “dropbox.com 429”.
I must say that this makes me very nervous and I had not seen it before in the last years when I used Dropbox for syncing (and saving) my DT databases.

Dropbox (or iCloud, Google Drive, etc.) isn’t a static service that never changes over time so of course they make changes, not only to the service but also to their policies.

And as always, we have no control over the changes they make (and they do not always publicly inform third-party developers of changes).

I know. I need the most stable backup and sync system and for a long time it seemed that Dropbox is the first choice. Are there any alternatives that are more reliable?

Noting that sync is not a backup, there is no 100% bullet-proof option. Every remote sync option has inherent weaknesses (discussed many time on these forums). And given the natural variability in equipment and environment, no provider can guarantee you such a thing.

The closest you’d get would be doing local syncs on your own network, which still can’t guarantee 100%, but are technologically closer to making that possible.

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I had the problem when I had Automatic Sync turned on. Once I changed to manual the problem disappeared.

Very strange. Did you switch back to automatic?