Ode to laziness and smart groups: is it possible to default some fields?

I am creating dozens of smart groups - for gathering keyworded items for a piece I am authoring. For example creating a smart group “Masts” containing images, texts, pdfs, etc keyworded with “Masts”. Simple enough. As I will have many many smart groups, is it possible to make a smart group that by default is created with “Search in: Database”, and the only condition being “Keywords matches”?

Check the image attached. That would save me the need to manually enter “Database” and have to select “Keywords”, “matches” every single time. Thanks!
Screen Shot 2022-08-13 at 11.33.39 AM

Script: Create or change smart group(s) doesn’t do exactly what you’re looking for but you could e.g. set the dialog’s default answer to (part of) the query you want. Then on each run you only have to type the keyword.

I’m wondering if that’s a sensible approach. Why not simply use tags instead of keywords? Tags already give you groups, since both are equivalent.

Tx chrillek, the files are mostly png images that came from Adobe Lightroom, so they have Lightroom keywords. In DT, I also applied the “Keywords to Tags” command - so now they are, I believe, both.
I tried creating a smart group on tags, instead of keywords, and the result is the new smart group gets listed with all “global” smart groups, and I can’t drag it into another folder of my choice.

To @chrillek’s point, why not just use the top-level Tags group to look at files with a specific tag?

Hi Jim, cause I want the smart group to be inside a group that contains other records. For example: a (regular) group that contains: notes.rtf, several pdfs, and a smart group. I will have dozens of such regular groups. I do use the top-level Tags group for other, more general things.

Here’s a super simple approach for a dummy smart group …

tell application id "DNtp"
	create record with {name:"Smart Group", type:smart group, search predicates:"docKeywords:* tags:*"} in current group
end tell

Thanks Jim! - Blanc and you helped a lot!

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