OK to Remove DEVONthink ToGo V2 after purchasing upgrade to V3?

Don’t see this asked or in the updated manual. After purchasing the upgrade based on DEVONthink ToGo V2 installed on the device, I presume it is ok then to delete V2 without interfering with the V3 license/registration/etc.?

I removed v2 after I had made sure that v3 worked without any problems,

Yes, you can delete version 2 after you’ve chosen your current upgrade option.


When you removed it, did you do a full delete, where it removes the files? I was afraid to do that, but would like to free the space if it is doubling.

Yes, that is fine to do.


to be clear now, it is possible to remove DTTG 2 completely without loss of information?

As I said, yes this is fine to do, assuming you’ve already launched version 3 and made your upgrade choice.


I deleted DevonThink To Go 2 so I don’t get confused because the icons look similar, but I don’t think there was much space freed up. It seems the two versions were sharing the date.

I tried to purchase 3.0, but it would not allow me. See screenshot and let me know your thoughts? Thank you

google “ you are not allowed to pay for inapp purchases” for some ideas.

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You probably has blocked in-app purchases in your settings > Screen Time> Content and privacy restrictions

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I made the changes in my settings, now I am able to purchase the upgrade to 3.0. Thank you for all your help! :slight_smile:

I removed v2 after purchasing the upgrade to v3 but I wonder if it would be beneficial to keep v2 around because I had an issue after reinstalling v3 on one of my iPads.

I decided to start from scratch on that particular iPad, to optimize data storage, so I deleted everything and reinstalled v3.

The “Restore purchases” link was greyed out and I was not able to activate it (it only offered the full one-time price plus subscriptions). I had to reinstall v2 first, once v3 had seen that there is v2 on the device, it activated properly.

I found that a bit weird. Perhaps a glitch?

Welcome @dario

We are investigating the purchase restoration issue but no, generally speaking, we do not advocate keeping version 2 installed after moving to 3.


That’s certainly good to know, thank you!

You’re welcome.

Upgrading from v2 to v3 worked like a charm on my iPad. Very nicely. Good work. Thanks to the whole team.


Glad to hear it and thanks for the nice comments!

The overall process and experience was really smooth, thanks for making such a good productivity tool, now even better, indispensable for a PhD student :slight_smile:


I currently have an issue with DTTG 3.0 that I am facing.

My process that I did.

  1. Updated DTPro on the Mac to run the most recent version as suggested. (At the time of writing, this is fully synced using iCloudKit)
  2. Downloaded DTTG 3.0 (I did the free trial option until I get everything working across fully)
  3. Removed DTTG 2
  4. Removed DTTG 3 (was having issues with sync - I thought it would be best to do a fresh restart)
  5. Installed DTTG 3 (couldn’t restore to the free trial - it wanted to me do make a purchase)
  6. Installed DTTG 2
  7. Opened DTTG 3 and it was working fine again under the trial.

Can I remove DTTG 2 or do I need to keep it until the trial or until I make a purchase option?