Only show PDF with specific label

Hi all,

I use devonthink as a general database for preparing surgery. I have a huge folder list with subfolders for all types of procedures. They contain PDF’s that may be personal notes, pictures, a scientific article. When I finish annotating a PDF, i label it “done”. Is there a way to add a filter so that I can see only the PDF’s that are marked “done”?
Sometimes I’m in a hurry and I’d like to see a specific note of a specific procedure that I can quickly find in my folder structure. Some folders contain like 50 PDF’s and it’s not easy to find my specific note that is labeled “done”. There is too much clutter. Especially on DTTG.
Thank you!

If you use labels you could create a Smart Group for e.g.label:1.

If you use tags the Smart Group query could be e.g. tags:DEVONthink.

Thank your for your very quick replies.

I should have clarified that I would like to keep my folder structure but only see the PDF’s that are labeled “done” in my folders. Is this possible?

For example I go to Surgery > Lower extremity > Flaps > Gluteal region > IGAP

I want to see only the PDF’s that are labeled “done” in the folder IGAP so that I only see the PDF’s that I already covered, not all the clutter that is side information

yea, just create the smart group inside the folder. right click ➞ new ➞ smart group

don’t touch “search in:” when you create it inside the folder because devonthink will already give you the right path

In case you want to create such “done” smart groups for many groups take a look at this script.

Using it you could select all your (sub)groups, run the script, enter your query only once and it will create a smart group in every selected group.