Open in Taskpaper

When I double click a taskpaper document in a database, It is always open as plain text file within DT.
Is it possible to open it directly in Taskpaper app without “Open in…” contextual menu?

I don’t use TaskPaper, but this is the approach I use for other types of file, so if you haven’t tried it, it’s the first place to start.

In Finder, set the default ‘open with’ for this type of file to Taskpaper (in the Info dialogue and clicking ‘Change All’ afterwards).

Then, in DT3, right click on a task paper file and choose ‘Open with’, and make sure that TaskPaper is the default offering.

Finally, open Preferences and in the General tab, make sure ‘Double-click opens documents externally’ is ticked.


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Most likely, something has caused macOS (or OS X if you’re still there) to think that .taskpaper files are plain text files. Select a .taskpaper file in Finder, choose File > Get Info, go to the “Open With” section, select “Taskpaper” as the correct app for this file type, and press Change All.

DEVONthink 3 should recognize that change, and then open the files in TaskPaper as desired.

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