Open new windows in tabs in DT3?

I miss it dearly and it is very frustrating that standard behavior of the os which was present in the application is not continued in a new version. Use case: I just imported 300.000 files from an old archive. There are duplicates, which I want to remove. But I want to remove files from specific trees (and automation is not a good idea because duplicates are not always duplicates unfortunately). Anyway I need the tabs. I regularly had 5 tot 8 open and was quite happy with it. So I a return would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance

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Hi, I read this thread the other day, then today by chance found tabs. Perhaps you are already aware of this, and I’m not sure if it’s any help anyway.

There seems to be some tab functionality in v3, but not in the main window with sidebar. If you select multiple files then bring up the Context menu with the Option key held down, Open turns into Open in Tabs, and the selected items will open in a new tabbed window. But this is a secondary window without navigation bar, and there seems no way to add another tab to this group or move them to another tabbed window group. Basically, it is a one step option of getting a couple of selected documents into a new tabbed window, so I suspect not really what you are looking for.

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Thanks Rachel, as you say not quite the old tabs effect but a useful shortcut of which I was not aware.

It works!

All of a sudden instead of opening a new window the tabs opened in the main window and I could also add new tabs to it. I’ve just worked out why.

If you have list view open without the preview panel visible before you start, it will open selected files in a new tabbed window. If you instead open the preview panel view before Option-clicking to Open in Tabs, the documents instead open as tabs in the main window, and any subsequent tabs will also be added to this window.

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I have amended the Help to clarify this.

I do not understand it: I am in list view with no preview and opening three documents will still open three separate windows.

What do it miss?

The tab implementation in v.3 is very confusing …

Data > Open In Tabs (Cmd-Alt-O)

Depending on how you have your double-click prefs set in the Interface section of General Preferences, a usual double-click on the file will open it in a new window. If, with the Preview panel open, you Option-double-click on a new document, it will instead open it as a new tab in the Preview panel.

Hope this helps.

I do not have that option:

That is what I have set: image And Option-Double Click will still open the documents in new windows!

It’s an alternate menu item available after pressing the Alt modifier key.

I find it now but I select three documents and when I use the mentioned menu option the three documents open in tabs all grouped in a new window! Is that the expected behaviour?

Yes because you said you don’t have the view/edit pane visible. If it was visible the files would be in tabs in the current window.

Are you sorted now?
Make sure the Preview panel is open
Hold down the Alt/Option
Double-click your file
Should open as a new tab in the Preview panel

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Also, Control-click and hold Option and Open in Tabs will be shown in the contextual menu.

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Just to get an updated info: DEVONthink window tabs is still not available option in version 3?

That is correct. Document tabs in a window are supported. Window tabs are not.

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Thanks for your reply. I really do hope in one of your future updates you will bring back “window tabs” option as it was the case for DTP version 2, both for DTP databases and DT files. Otherwise, for those of us who often have many DTP databases and files opened at the same time and who are working primarily from our laptops will have quite difficult time going from one file/database to another.

You’re welcome.

Have you tried three-finger swipe down to see the application windows?

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Hi, three, four, or five-finger swipe down nothing changes on my screen. Three or four-finger swipe up does uncover app windows. At least in my case when I regularly have let’s say 20 rtf DTPO files and 5 DTPO databases opened simultaneously, it can hardly compare with the DTP version 2 window tabs option. In another words, my screen is quite cluttered and in disarray without it…