Opening linked document in a new window?

I have tried about as many different key-click combinations that I can think of, but there seems to be no way to open a linked document directly in a new window. Specifically, I have links in my reading notes to indexed JPG files of newspaper articles, and it would be nice to open the image in a separate window without going to the JPG file itself and opening it.

Is this possible?


PS: Ideally, a split screen, like Scrivener’s, would be ideal. Is that planned for future versions?

Just right- or control-click on the link and choose “Open Link” in the contextual menu.

I’ve tried control-click, but no option for “open link” shows up. However, “Open link” does show up for links I have entered manually. My JPG files are set up as automatic links when I enter the filename–not by manually linking to the file. Is there a difference? The manually set links are a lighter blue, the automatic links show up as a dark blue. Is this normal?


The contextual menu includes only commands to open/copy/edit/remove real (=persistent) links. To open an automatic (=temporary) link in a separate window, press Command+Option while clicking on the link.