I use GPGsuite for Mac which uses OpenPGP to encrypt email. This works great, that is, until I attempt to archive my mailbox in Devonthink Pro Office. I then get:

Couldn't decode encrypted data. OpenPGP encryption is not supported

Is there a solution as going forward all my emails need to be encrypted.


Is Preferences > Email > Message Content > Decrypt secure messages checked?
If so, GPGSuite may not be specifically supported.

It is checked. The error states that OpenPGP is not supported.

Is there a workaround? Or will OpenPGP be supported at some point?


Haha! :open_mouth: :laughing: Too many Support things going on at once and I miss the obvious message you sent. :blush: :unamused: :mrgreen:

I don’t have any specific answer on whether it will be supported or not. I’ll send a note to Development but can’t promise anything.