Out of sync between DTPs

I run DTP on two macbooks. And today I found some notes were lost. I cannot remember how it happens, but seems it disappeared in one macbook and then disappeared in other one later.

I setup the sync via icloud and Bonjour, because I thought Bonjour will be quicker when both in the same local network, and icloud will be backup into cloud for safety.

Is it a good or bad practice or it is the reason why I lost some notes?

Another way of syncing I am thinking is to save documents in icloud then indexed into DTPs, is it a good practice as well?

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Note: Sync is ​not ​a backup, neither advertised nor advocated as such. We strongly advocate proper primary backups using TimeMachine (or similar snapshot-style backup applications) and external drives. Also, you should read the series of articles we posted: https://www.devontechnologies.com/search?q=backups&from=blog​

There shouldn’t be any data loss from using Bonjour and an iCloud sync location.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to determine a cause without some reproducibility. Were the files marked as missing or not visible in the database?

It happened again this morning. Some notes are gone again, and couldn’t find any pattern there so far.

My current setup is: 2 DTPS and DTTG. In 2 DTPS, I setup both Bonjour and icloud sync, and only icloud sync in DTTG.

Some people mentioned icloud is not stable, is it because of the reason?

This doesn’t cause deletions on its own (only delayed or no sync depending on iCloud). On which device did you create the note, are they gone on all devices? Do you use any smart rules which might cause this?

I wrote some notes in one mac, and I played with replication a lot. As I can remember, after overnight, some notes disappeared on all devices.

Do you know there is way to identify the problem easily? like if there is some detailed log can help found out why.

Currently I am seeking other ways to sync, you know it already happened twice for me and I really don’t want to risk again.

Or I can setup time machine, then I will try again.

Where any issues logged to Windows > Log? Are you able to reproduce this?

Yeah I already read what in the log window, but don’t have much related thing.

Currently I already switched to bonjour sync, but I still want to solve the icloud sync problem.

How about that, I kept my database sync via bonjour, and create a test database for icloud sync observation. I will keep the progress posted here.

Do you have any other better ways to diagnose?

It would be a good idea to use an isolated database to see if the issue can be reproduced. However, sync should not be deleting files unless files were deleted on another syncing device first.

I played with replication a lot and might move around or delete some replicated documents, might cos of that? I will try on the isolated database see how it goes.

At least so far we’re not aware of such an issue. Did you search your databases to figure out whether your notes are still there but not in the right location or not having the expected replicants?

I am they are all gone. I will try to reproduce and update here.