Iphone as the bonjour sync server

I had problem with the icloud sync, check here out of sync between dtps. And now I am thinking switch to bonjour.

I did set up the bonjour successfully, and I setup mac#1 as ther bonjour server. It is all good, but there is one problem that the sync will be all off if mac#1 goes offline.

I am think if it is a good practise to set iphone as the bonjour server, coz obviously iphone will never offline. However, I saw this comment saying it is not a good idea.

Or if it is possible to have a dynamic server, meaning everyone can be a server. If mac#1 offline, iphone or mac#2 can be the server.


Under which circumstances do use Mac #1 and #2 and when do you want to synchronize?

I have two mac, mac#1 for personal use, mac#2 for company use. In the day time, I mainly work on mac#2 with mac#1 offline. After get off from work, I switch to mac#1.

Currently, I setup bonjour in mac#1, which mean in day time there is no bonjour server. And also, because I usually didn’t turn on both mac, so those two usually will not get synced unless I intentionally turn both on.

Wouldn’t it be sufficient if the iPhone automatically synchronizes with whatever Mac is currently switched on and in the same network? In this case you could enable the Bonjour server on both Macs and connect the iPhone to both of them.


I didn’t try use 2 servers cos in the manual it is said as below:

Note: You should never use more than one device as a Bonjour server for a given database.

Howere, I still give it a try. I can start 2 servers on two mac, and even my mobile can connect two servers at the same time. I am not sure if it will cause any problems.

Certain setups are definitely not recommended, e.g. device A & B acting as a server and connecting to each other. But the suggested solution should work.