Path Bar

Is there a way to have a path bar in devonthink, like at the bottom of mac finder? Thanks

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No. First request I’ve ever seen.

Select a document (not a group). Look just below the Toolbar.

A future release will include one.

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Any news on this? This would be really needed especially whe using the serch function or the Smart Groups.


In a search, the location is listed under the filename.

In smart groups, you can add a Location column to the item list.

ok, but in both cases, if I select a document that is in /Inbox and right click -> Reveal, the system will actually not show me the document in the Inbox.

Same problem does not happen for other groups.

Try it and make sure the view/edit pane is displayed in widescreen view.
Does it display the correct file but not scroll to it in the item list?

Swich to View > Standard and see if the file is selected correctly.

If I select View -> Widescreen, it is not possible to add the location column to the list in a SmartGroup!

I meant just to test what the Reveal was doing.