PDF clips are blank

Hi all,

I’m attempting to clip a Reddit page to PDF (single page or paginated; clutter free unchecked) in Safari, and the content comes out completely blank. If I clip to any other format, it works just fine. If I use the Print command and save as PDF, it works fine.

Any suggestions?

I’m using MacOS (v10.12.6), Safari (v10.1.2), DTP (v2.9.15), and Clip to DT (v1.2.6)


I was noticing some other weird things happening on my Mac, so I rebooted, and now the PDF is showing correctly in the Finder, but not in DTP. And in fact, the “Printed” PDF is now showing blank as well in DTP. Weird!

Please provide a URL.

Did you try this workaround? 2.9.15 broke PDFs in OSX Sierra again

reddit.com/r/teslamotors/co … m_the_lot/

The workaround Criss linked to should work (just verified it here).


I just tried the workaround, and it resolved the issue. I’d never seen it before. Thanks for the link.