PDFs consisting of scanned pages in 2.9.11

Using: 2.9.11 on macOS 10.12.4.

I have some PDFs consisting of scanned pages.

When displayed in DevonThinkPro the image is muddy and unclear.

If the same PDF is displayed in a PDF program, the image is much clearer and crisper:

See the attached screenshot showing DevonThink Pro and PDF Pen Pro next to each other showing the same page.

I do not believe this muddy display was present in an earlier version of DevonThinkPro.

Reported. See

What is “a PDF program” ?

For example, PDF Pen Pro, PDF Expert, and because these two apps are feature limited compared to what is available in several PDF programs running under Windows, I run under vmWare: PDF-XChange Editor.

Anyway, the problem I mentioned became increasingly severe, and started to affect all PDFs opened in DevonThink Pro. The only way to ‘solve’ this was exit DevonThink Pro and launch it again.