Photo Gallery? - A (maybe not thought-through) feature request idea

For some projects I have a bunch of product images. Viewing them in normal DT windows is less ideal: I would like to view them from start to finish or even get a quick overview (only over the images) via a thumbnail view.

I know I can simulate this with View as icons or View a cover flow and moving just the image in a separate sub folder, but somehow it would be nice to have an automatic way to view all images in a location as a gallery …

As said this feature request might not be thought-through – it’s just an idea…

Until that feature added (if it ever is), you could keep those images in a folder outside of DEVONthink and use macOS “Finder” with Preview and Gallery features to do your over-views. Show Finder in say the left 1/2 of your monitor, and DEVONthink in the right 1/2 of your monitor.

If needed, you can index that folder into a project subgroup in DEVONthink.

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Good idea - thinking outside the (DEVONthink) box! :slight_smile:

What’s the issue with using View > as Icons ?

Yep, that works, and is certainly better than nothing.

However when there are documents intermingled in the group, it is not a pretty image-only gallery. Sure, I can remedy this by creating a sub-group for the images, but that’s an additional manual step just for the gallery effect.

As said, it’s just an idea… I guess plenty of people have pictures with their projects.

You could create a Smart Group.

If you use Script: Create or change smart group(s) it’s just

  • run script
  • type kind:image

And if you want to create Smart Groups in more than one group simply select more groups.