Place multiple photos in a DevonThink-created "document"

Hi all.

I’ve been trying the various document formats (Rich Text, Formatted Note, HTML) and dragging photos into them and each photo is resized and fills the entire width of the editing area. So I end up with a document that contain some text, followed by a photo (that occupies the whole width), followed by some more text, followed again by a photo that occupies the whole width, etc.

This is not what I want.

Is there any way to place photos differently, to resize them, to place some text next to the photo?

Here’s an example of what I would like to be able to do (pictures of prime-minister-candidates-in-upcoming-elections):

If this is not possible using DevonThink’s editing tools, can someone suggest alternative ways of achieving this?

The user manual mentions “its advanced text editing capabilities”. Does this mean, litterally, that the DT documents should be strictly text???


DEVONthink doesn’t support this, you have to resize the photos before adding them to the document. The menu Scripts > Images contains some example scripts how to apply simple operations to images (images inside the database, not images inside documents!)

That is too bad.

I’ll put a comment in “suggestions” section or whatever.


By the way, just realized there is another interesting thread on this topic: