Potential bug: DTTG item count is incorrect


I’m encountering some discrepancies between the number of items shown to be available in my DTPO database at the top level versus those in DTTG on iPad and iphone (Cloudkit sync). I believe the discrepancies are due to items in subfolders being counted incorrectly on DTTG in the parent folder, in some cases.

Specifically, the database in question has several groups at the top-levels 1 & 2, which only contain further subgroups. At these top levels the count of items contained in the group differs between Mac, ipad and iphone. However, on Level 3 of the group hierarchy, the number of items contained under each subgroup is the same across devices.

Manually calculating the total number of items contained in all level 3 subgroups (as displayed in DTTG) confirms the number displayed in DTPO. However, in DTTG on ipad and iphone, the parent folder is shown to contain a slightly different number of items (it also differs between ipad/iphone).

Are there steps I can take to validate that everything is indeed (as I believe it is) in sync across all devices? Also, please let me know if more info is needed to identify the source of this potential “counting bug” or if there’s something I’m missing, which could help to make sense of these observations.

No sync errors have been logged on DTPO or DTTG.

Are the manually counted numbers identical to the ones on the Mac? Then it’s not a sync issue but a local issue of DEVONthink To Go.

Yes, I believe it’s a local DTTG issue with the count of items shown in top-level folders.
My database is very large, so it would take a while to check that all data is indeed in sync. But it looks good so far

Try this…
Select ? > Help > Appendix > Utility URL Commands and click the Execute link under delete-caches.

Thanks for the hint @BLUEFROG, I wasn’t aware of those in-built troubleshooting options. Useful to know about.

In this case, neither deleting the cache, nor running ‘fix’ or reindexing solved the issue. It does seem to be a bug, I think.

I just wanted to revive this thread to give an update: The item count issue has now occurred multiple times, and not just at the top level group.

This always concerns groups, which contain further subgroups. Also, the item count displayed on certain groups differs not only between DTTG and DT, but also between iPad and iPhone. Only DT on Mac shows the correct number of items, i.e. the number one would expect after manually summing up the item counts from the subgroups.

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.
Include screen captures of the database in DEVONthink and DEVONthink To Go.

File > Database Properties for the database in DEVONthink could be helpful too.

I seem to have similar issues, also seem to remember that I posted this in the forum already.
I never had this effect with DTTG 2.x

I did reinstall all of my iDevices, split the database into 3 databases and resynced all of them.
Initially, this seemed to do the trick!

But reading this, I checked again:

MAIN_TJA database:

DT on Mac: 1328 items
DTTG on iPad 12.9: 1336 items
DTTG on iPad Air 3: 1328 items (freshly synced today after a reinstallation)
DTTG on iPhone 6s: 1335 items

So the problem re-occured.

But how to find the actuall differences?
It seems, some installation are simply missing content!

I will try to dig deeper …

Are you using replicants?

Yes, that could be the case.
Not sure right now and will try to check in the evening!