Potential use case: translator and interpreter

I’m back in school to study translation and interpretation, and I also do translation work on the side.

I get a ton of speeches and dialogue transcripts for practicing interpretation, and until now, I’ve copied the contents to Ulysses, tagged them, and deleted the .doc files.

I was wondering, after reading the features of DEVONThink, what kind of use case can I get from DT? I got the app via a Mac app bundle a couple years ago, and since I have it, I figure I should make the best use out of it.

What I get from your post is that you get source files and save them in an app. To discuss use cases please tell us what you do with these files. Process them in some way? Need to search for specific files? Define associations between groups of files.

What @pvonk said … also …

Are you doing QDA on your transcripts? There are several (somewhat older) threads in the forum on using DEVONthink for QDA – search for “qualitative analysis”

In a way, I am seeking inspiration with what I can do.

For now, I’ve simply tagged all my transcripts so that if I want to look something up about, let’s say, renewable energy, all I would do is type in “renewable energy” and get stuff that mentions it. Besides that, if I want to look up expressions used to describe certain terms, I’d go through the tags.

One idea that popped up is linking these “tags” with additional information that I would extract from sources like Wikipedia or relevant UN organizations.

My original post is a bit ambiguous because I’m also seeking advice or suggestions from people who aren’t in this field.

This is currently not possible without using Smart Groups.