Predicates "Name is not" search the entire database even when a group is select in "search in"


I want to replicate a renaming Hazel rule in DVT. It append to each file name the group name a the date added.

Criteria: The file name does not begin with the group name.
Action: Append group name and addition date to the file name.

In DVT I tried:

Search in: “specific group name”.
Predicates: All. Name is not “specific group name”.
Action: on creation. Change name to “specific group name”_“Date Added”_Name.

The issue is, It selects all notes in the database, and not only the ones inside the group.

I believe it is a bug. Could someone please advise?

This issue is mentioned in other thread and confirmed by DT to be fixed in beta 2 (A few questions on negation operator for Name and others)